JuiceMeBaby & Spirit Space offers you a place that is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere everyone can belong.

We have designed an environment in our deli, shop, face-gym and studio to nurture the happy and healthy life of every individual: men and women, babies, kids, teens or seniors – everyone is welcome in our JuiceMeBaby studio and Spirit Space yoga place.

In keeping with our yogic faith we strive to create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming environment into which you can come and take a temporary refuge from the usual ruthless hustle of the city we live in. A real retreat in every sense!

Eva has been practicing Yoga & Meditation since 20045 when it was the love for the first stretch during her first class with Jaro Pavek in Bratislava, Slovakia. She made 200+ RYT Ashtanga Yoga Paris with her teachers Gerald Disse and Linda Munro. She spent in Paris 3 years with their studio in the center of Paris. In 2015 she was certified in Bali for 200 Hours Ayurveda training. Last 4 years she was practicing MYSORE with Corrie Ananda Preece  at Triyoga London studio.
This year she made additional 200 RYT Ashtanga Yoga Primary and intermediate series with Jaro Pavek. 

She is also student of Mindfull meditation with Tara Brach. 

In September 2017 she moved back to Prague, Czech republic after 16 years living abroad and she opened Juice me Baby studio with Spirit Space for yoga with her daughter Sabina in Prague downtown.  She prefers MYSORE style and follow ASHTANGA Yoga principles. The next development for her is PRANAYAMA, Ayurveda and meditation cetifications. 

Her dream is to treat the community of an equally minded people and let them to be healthy and happy with yoga - the same way what yoga means for her. 


Mila Reva @jogapraha

My name is Mila Reva.


I was born in Riga - Latvia.


I have been teaching yoga for almost 20 years. I was introduced to yoga by my mother, who is also a very experienced yoga teacher, and I grew up in a yoga environment.


I mainly practice vinyasa yoga, which is characterized mainly by a gentle style of asanas, focusing on proper breathing, relaxation and aroma therapies.


In my lessons we also work with acupuncture points and partly with aromatherapy.

During my life, I led yoga classes in Russia, Latvia and currently in the Czech Republic.


I regularly organize yoga camps in the Czech Republic and India.

Tereza Berounská @terezberoun

A few years ago, I was a member of the national aerobics team. The competition in this sport was great and whenever I competed, I tried to be significantly better than others and to win, which in the end was often reflected in my personal life.

What I have  earned thanks to yoga is connection, integration and unity, no competition, no win, no lose. Gradually, thanks to yoga, I learned not to compete with myself or anyone else.

During the lessons, I try to work with my mind, to put it in a state of calm, without distraction and without fear. At the same time, I like to constantly present my body with new challenges in lessons they put me in a healthy way in situations of physical and mental discomfort, which I can transform into comfort over time.

This approach of my physical practice is also reflected in my lessons, which are dynamic, full of unusual asanas and vinyasas.

Michaela Holznerová

Like many people, I got into yoga through a sore of my back but for a long time considered it as a boring 'sport'. But as usual, with yoga, my values, worldview and relationship with myself began to change very inconspicuously. Yoga accompanied me on my travels around the world, and after a few months in Indonesia, I did not want to be without it. So I went to India, where I completed an instructor course.

Since I got my the certificate, my own practice has set me on my own,  bumpy and winding path, lined with amazing people, great experiences, full of joy, worries, physical pain and relaxation, and above all the knowledge that the more I walk this path, the less I know. 

I like to return to India for further education, I try all possible styles and I change them according to what I need, and I try not to succumb to the pressure of the West and keep in mind my teacher's words that yoga is only one.




Barbora Sklenárová

Gabriela Charvátová (physio)

My first sports teaching course, which I did in high school, brought me to physiotherapy. During the course, I learned to perceive my body better, to work with movement, and for the first time I sniffed at anatomy, which literally fascinated me. After graduation, my path led directly to physiotherapy, which I studied at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Czech Technical University, and from there I went into practice in 2014.

My first work experience was working at a specialized rehabilitation clinic for children with cerebral palsy. Then I switched to adult physiotherapy, and I worked at Prague orthopedic clinics.

And what about today? Today, I mainly focus on the physiotherapy of adults who have movement pain that they cannot cope with and on athletes. I will be happy to come to your office to work with you and advise you on how to optimally set up your workspace so that your back does not hurt and you are sitting healthy.

I lead a group PHYSIO exercise, during which I will give you what I have learned from my practice since 2014. My priority is to make you feel as good as possible after exercise.

In addition to FYZIO exercises, I will be happy to provide you with individual physiotherapy.