JuiceMeBaby & Spirit Space offers you a place that is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere everyone can belong.

We have designed an environment in our deli, shop, face-gym and studio to nurture the happy and healthy life of every individual: men and women, babies, kids, teens or seniors – everyone is welcome in our JuiceMeBaby studio and Spirit Space yoga place.

In keeping with our yogic faith we strive to create a beautiful, warm, and welcoming environment into which you can come and take a temporary refuge from the usual ruthless hustle of the city we live in. A real retreat in every sense!

Ashtanga Yoga Prague


Kateřina Dymáková

I fell in love with yoga when I was 18 in London, where I lived for several years. Since the beginning, I have seen yoga as not only physical exercise, but also as a tool for calming the mind, focusing on oneself, as a path to internal balance and contentment. The ancient philosophy of yoga is still valid today and applicable in all situations of everyday life. I honour its values and act according to its principles in relation to myself and my surroundings.

I studied at the Charles University Faculty of Humanities, where I focused especially on psychology. I recently supplemented my education “about humanity” with eastern teachings. I fulfilled a long-time dream and travelled to Rishikesh, an Indian holy city in the Himalayan foothills, where I graduated from a school of vinyasa and hatha yoga (RYT 200). Now my dream is to live every day.

In my lessons, I honour the philosophy of yoga, respect the possibilities and feelings of my students, and focus on the correct execution of individual asanas and improvement of breathing. My vinyasa lessons are fun and dynamic; hatha lessons are calm and gentle with a larger space for deeper stretching, pranayama and meditation. 

Denisa Baumgartner

Denisa started with yoga at a time when she did not feel well, especially from the psychological point of view, from being led to competition, being the best. However, the desire for perfection has gradually led to feelings of inferiority and total psychological imbalances. Thanks to yoga, her thoughts changed gradually, her views of life, society, and life values ​​changed.

"I approach yoga as a healing method, it is important for her to work with the mind so that the mind does not control us, but we do it. Great emphasis is laid on breathing and the connection of breath with movement, but it is also important for them to enjoy the lessons and have fun."


Eva Staníková

Eva has been practicing Yoga & Meditation since 2004 when it was the love for the first stretch during her first class with Jarko Pavek in Bratislava, Slovakia. She made 200+ RYT Ashtanga Yoga Paris with her teachers Gerald Disse and Linda Munro. She spent in Paris 3 years with their studio in the center of Paris. In 2015 she was certified in Bali for 200 Hours Ayurveda training. Last 4 years she was practicing MYSORE with Corrie Ananda Preece  at Triyoga London studio.

2 months per year she practices MYSORE with Damien de Bastier in Samadi Bali Canggu.

In September 2017 she moved back to Prague, Czech republic after 15 years living abroad and she opened Juice me Baby studio with Spirit Space for yoga with her daughter Sabina in the beautiful area of Mala Strana. She prefers MYSORE style and follow ASHTANGA Yoga principles. The next development for her is PRANAYAMA and meditation cetifications. 

Her dream is to treat the community of an equally minded people and let them to be healthy and happy with yoga - the same way what yoga means for her. 


Jana Mikšíčková

Jana began to dedicate herself to yoga in 2013, when she discovered ashtanga yoga, which literally changed her live. At that time, she worked a lot as an attorney and was under tremendous stress. Yoga greatly interested her. It didn’t take long until she left everything behind and travelled to study yoga in the city of Mysore in southern India, from which ashtanga long ago spread around the world. Mysore so enchanted her that she regularly travels there to study with her instructor.

Her perception of yoga as a way of life took on a whole new dimension when she met her teacher, Vinay Kumar, in Mysore. Vinay helped her to realise that yoga is not only about yoga positions, but that it can also give people much more than they can imagine and open their eyes. Over time, Vinay certified her to teach prana vashya yoga. 

She strives to share what she has learned with her yoga students and to enthusiastically inspire them to practice yoga not only on a yoga mat but also in life, and to share with them the energy, internal calm and joy that yoga brings :-). Jana believes that there is only one yoga and everyone can find in it what they are seeking in life and thus set out on a beautiful though sometimes difficult path to self-knowledge. 

Markéta Sulejmani

My first pregnancy and the desire to keep moving led me to yoga. At that time I realised that I would not get off the “yoga mat”. I’ve been coming back to it with love and respect for fifteen years. I studied yoga at the Czech Academy of Yoga and at the Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

I love combining traditional hatha yoga and movement that follow each other “on a wave”. By wave, I mean flow, the present moment, to perceive one’s body and its needs and signals. Let’s flow together through yoga.


Adéla Bukovská

I first encountered yoga while still a child, when my grandmother practiced the sun salutation and I thought that she was some kind of shaman. However, I still did not anticipate that yoga would become a life path for me and completely change my view of the human body and mind.

I do not know a better feeling than stopping for a moment during the day and lying down on the mat. Besides practicing yoga, I enjoy cooking healthy vegetarian meals and I most prefer to enjoy them on exotic holidays.

Petr Cieluch

I come from teachers of the "old school" of Ashtanga Yoga, where the main goal is to have free breath and relaxation in asanas. Then, when there is no unnecessary tension and the breath can flow freely through the body, the healing process begins at all levels. Therefore, access to each pupil must be individual. Without orthodox rules that would limit the uniqueness of man.

Each of the "old teachers" of Ashtanga Yoga teaches her a little differently. But it's just the outer details that are so irritating our Western head. But the main principles are always the same, breath, relaxation, bandy, concentration, respecting body limits, long-term sustainability. This is an old approach to Ashtanga Yoga. And that's the way I teach. Orthodox rules must remain behind the door.

So, when I recently got a question, how do you teach Astang? Like Spring Pave? Nancy Gilgoff? Manju Jois? David Williams? David Swenson? The answer was simple: Sometimes like Spring, sometimes like Nancy, sometimes like Manja and sometimes like David, it depends on what the pupil's situation requires.

Ashtanga Yoga is a relatively demanding exercise in its physical part. The pupil should gradually work out almost daily. This requires an individual approach. That is why I teach her the original form of Mysore lessons. Everyone here teaches to practice themselves, according to their possibilities, their breath, their pace, their purpose. Everyone interested in this journey is warmly welcome.