In Spirit Space, our beliefs are:
Everyone who comes through
our door is to be truly
welcomed and looked after
from the moment they arrive
to the moment they leave.
Yoga is the best practice for
mental,emotional, physical,
and spiritual well-being.
There is no singular way to practice yoga – you and your
body are unique.
Really good teachers inspire
their students to develop their
own practice.
Yoga is not just what we do
on the mat, but how we live
our lives.
We are all responsible for
what we do and our
environment, for us and for
our children's children.

Our Vision &Philosophy

JuiceMeBaby & Spirit Space offers you a place that
is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere
everyone can belong.

We have designed an environment in our deli,
shop, face-gym and studio to nurture the happy
and healthy life of every individual: men and
women, babies, kids, teens or seniors – everyone
is welcome in our JuiceMeBaby studio
and Spirit Space yoga place.